vanderPlas Damper Pad

The vanderPlas Silicone-Filled Vibraphone Damper Pad is now available from Fall Creek Marimbas and may be ordered directly.

Damper Pad

Ordering Information:

  • E-mail Bill at Fall Creek Marimbas with your name and address and vibe make and model #. We can cut the standard length pad for MOST vibes but some longer models must be special ordered. A pad will be shipped and you will be billed. Payment is by check.
  • Standard M-55 and shorter- $205
  • Split pads and longer than M-55- $225
  • click here to e-mail

"I received the pad last evening, and it is amazing. I'm playing my vibes with a K&K pickup system, and the damper pad has really cleaned up my signal. No more buzzing!"

Kevin Still, Natick MA

"The product is amazing, especially for those of us who use the instrument in quiet settings. I just played live on Cleveland Public Radio last week and it sounded great. This damper should have been included originally by the manufacturer."

Alan Peterson, Cleveland

Advantages of the silicone filled damper over the common felt damper:
  • Better dampening of all harmonics.
  • No transmitting of beating through the damper towards the other bars or frame.
  • Better equal dampening on all bars.
  • Because of the design of the silicone core, there is no worry about leakage.
  • Available for almost any vibraphone.

Mounting the silicone filled damper:

  1. Carefully remove the old felt.
  2. ALL REMAINING GLUE must be REMOVED ! This can be done using alcohol, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, etc. If glue still remains, it may be softened with a hair dryer, then repeat the alcohol/thinner step.
  3. Remove the paper from the bottom of the new silicone filled damper pad.
  4. Carefully mount the new pad on the damper bar. Be aware that once it is placed anywhere, it cannot be removed without damaging the pad. The mounting process may be easier with 2 people.
  5. Clamp a long piece of wood on top of the pad and leave it for 8 hours.