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and Orchestras throughout the world.
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Exquisite Mallet Percussion Tuning and Restoration Service for discerning percussionists, orchestras and universities throughout the world.

Interview with Bill Youhass in "Percussive Notes" (PDF)

The Art and Science of Mallet Instrument Tuning

Bill Youhass combines the comprehensive scientific knowledge of the fine craftsman and the ear of the artist/percussionist to bring you the same high quality tuning and bar repair work he has provided for orchestras, universities and professional percussionists throughout the world since 1973.

Experience you can depend on

Experience and the Trust of the Professionals

"Bill Youhass at Fall Creek Marimbas has been tuning the mallet instruments at the Eastman School of Music for over 30 years. The superb job he has done has provided the school with the highest quality mallet sound. If you need mallet instruments tuned, there's no better place than Fall Creek Marimbas."

John H. Beck
Professor Emeritus of Percussion
Eastman School of Music

"Bill Youhass' expertise in the tuning of mallet instruments is by far the finest work existing today. I have entrusted my 1927 Leedy xylophone to him for many years and he has always treated the instrument with the greatest care and personal touch. Bill is simply the best, and I cannot thank him enough for all he has accomplished in his field."

Ian Finkel, Xylophone Virtuoso - New York

Fast, Professional, Affordable Tuning and Repair Services

  • Every instrument is tuned by owner Bill Youhass who has been tuning instruments throughout the world since 1973!
  • Turn around time is usually 1-3 weeks. (Ask about our Emergency Service)
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We are glad to discuss with you every aspect of the condition of your mallet instruments...both for us to understand your wishes and concerns, and for you to fully understand all the options available.

This is MOST important where tuning is concerned because this is the least understood aspect of mallet instrument care; and especially because there is just too much mis-leading, sound-byte information available.

We feel mallet instrument tuning involves not just objective scientific and technical knowledge, but also artistic, subjective choices. We therefore invite you to become involved in the work being done with your instruments. Ask questions, how?, why?, what if?, why not?... It is important to us that you fully understand the work being done and, again, the options available to you.

Services We Offer:

Tuning: Vibes, Marimbas, Xylophones, Glockenspiels, Orff Instruments, Celestas

  • Tuning of Fundamentals and all Partials (where possible and advisable)
  • Proper Stretch Tuning
  • Corrected Torsional and Transverse (edge tone) Harmonics
  • Any Pitch Standard: A-440, 442, 443... etc.


  • Hardened Wood lacquers for Marimbas and Xylophones
  • Cracked and Splintered Bars Repaired, Glued or Replaced
  • Clear & Gold Anodize, Hand Polishing, Clear and Tinted Lacquers
  • Different Vibraphones have different finishes. We offer a variety of finishes, depending on your choice, the model of the vibe and the aluminum alloy.
  • Nickel or Chrome plating – Highly Polished or Satin Finish
  • Unlike many other platings, our Nickel Plating WILL NOT FLAKE OFF !!

Replacement Bars:

  • Padouk and 10 – 35 Year Old Honduras Rosewood for Marimbas and Xylophones
  • High-resonance Aluminum Alloy for Vibes
  • Specially Formulated High-Resonance, High Carbon Steel for Glockenspiels, Orchestra Bells


Service    Price   


Xylophones, Marimbas, Bells, Vibraphones, Celestas, Orff Instruments $60/octave (all instruments)

Xylophones and Marimbas lacquered (Tuning also required at $60/octave) $90/octave
Bells nickel or chrome plated (Tuning also required at $60/octave) $310– $360/instrument
Vibraphones anodized or lacquered (Tuning also required at $60/octave) price on request

sanding, re-gluing and lacquering of cracked and splintered bars (Xylos/Marimbas) $10 – 20/bar

Replacement Bars:
select Honduras Rosewood or Padouk for Xylophones and Marimbas $50 – $220
high resonance steel for Bells $45– $65
high-resonance aluminum alloy for vibes $90 – $200
We can also supply bars from most manufacturers.  

Bar cord:
all sizes $20

Fall Creek Home Restorations Tuning & Repair Fall Creek Marimbas Glockenspiels Custom Cases Instruments For Sale Why Choose Us? Contact Info Related Links

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