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Yamaha 4.5 Octave YM4900A Marimba

YM-4900A 4 1/2 Octave Professional Rosewood Marimba

Purchased new in 2010 - One owner, gently used. Great condition.



Call or email before making a purchase for availability and freight costs, Thanks!

Range - 4 1/2 octaves, F21-C76
Bars - Honduran rosewood
Bar Sizes - 1 5/8" – 2 1/2", 3/4" – 1" thick
Resonators - Nut/bolt and welded with cut-away design and 3-position tracking system
Height Adjustable Pneumatic strut system - 33 7/8" – 39 3/4 "
Dimensions - 92 1/2" x 37 3/4"
Weight - 171 3/4 lbs.
Pitch - A=442Hz
Wheels - 4", two locking

With an overall streamlined design and pneumatic struts for effortless height adjustment, this professional marimba is portable, practical, and professional.

  • Exclusive Yamaha tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound.
  • Rosewood bars produce a high quality, traditional sound.
  • Cut-away designed resonators, featuring 3-position tracking system, allow resonator height adjustment for pitch and tone control and provide additional strength while reducing overall instrument weight.
  • Graduated bars produce a full tone and projection throughout the instrument's range.
  • Height adjustable frame with pneumatic struts allows one person to easily adjust the height to a comfortable playing position.
  • Hinged resonators and rails, along with a two-piece crossbar, make tear down a simple task.
  • Oversized 4" casters allow for easy transport over rough surfaces.

Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Phone: (315) 879 -0885

(for Fedex, UPS and other commercial carriers)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
64 School Street Suite G
Victor, NY 14564

MAILING ADDRESS (for US Postal Service ONLY)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
PO Box 172
Victor, NY 14564


 - Send the bars directly to Fall Creek Marimbas (shipping instructions)
We'll call or email with tuning/repair options and an accurate cost.

 - Call or E-Mail first - - +1 (315) 879 - 0885
We would be glad to discuss your questions and share our recommendations with you.

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