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Celebrating Over 45 Years of Fine Tuning
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Exquisite Mallet Percussion Tuning,Restoration,Repair,Manufacturing,Fabricating Service

Owner operated since 1973

Fall Creek Marimbas

(315) 879 - 0885

Thanks For Visiting Us Online ~ Fall Creek Marimbas

Interview with Bill Youhass in "Percussive Notes" (PDF)

The Art and Science of Mallet Instrument Tuning

Exquisite Mallet Percussion Tuning and Restoration Service for discerning percussionists, orchestras and universities throughout the world.  Fall Creek Marimbas, combines the comprehensive scientific knowledge of the fine craftsman and the ear of the artist/percussionist to bring you the same high quality tuning and bar repair work he has provided for orchestras, universities and professional percussionists throughout the world since 1973.

Experience you can depend on:

Including and not limited to:

On all makes of Mallet Percussion Instruments:
Deagan, Musser, Yamaha, Adams, Kori, Ross, DeMorrow, Marimba One, Malletech, Leedy, Bergerault, Ludwig, Premier, etc.

The Ultimate in Glockenspiels

Integration of Design, Acoustics and Beauty

The "Next Generation" Resonator CaseTM

Legendary Sound

Glockenspiel Stand

The "Traveler" Glockenspiel Cart
with Easy Pin Height Adjustment
Price: $620


Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Phone: (315) 879 -0885

(for Fedex, UPS and other commercial carriers)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
64 School Street Suite G
Victor, NY 14564

MAILING ADDRESS (for US Postal Service ONLY)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
PO Box 172
Victor, NY 14564


 - Send the bars directly to Fall Creek Marimbas (shipping instructions)
We'll call or email with tuning/repair options and costs.

 - Call or E-Mail - - +1 (315) 879 - 0885
We would be glad to discuss your questions and share our recommendations with you.