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Fall Creek Marimbas
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Most of our work is done outside New York (some outside the US). Below you will find information on "how to" ship your instrument to us safley. Feel free to call or email anytime with questions.

Shipping Instructions - Keys Only

Marimbas, Xylophones, Vibraphones & Glockenspiels Bars

There are 2 ways to pack—

1. Roll each set of bars in bubble wrap. Make sure to keep the keys strung on the bar cord. This will help insure that none of the keys slip out of the box in the event the package becomes damaged. 


2. Un-string the bars and wrap a few at a time in newspaper, keeping the bars separated.

(For Marimbas, Xylophones & Vibraphones follow instruction #1 above ↑)

(For Glockenspiels follow instruction #2 above ↑)

  • Pack very tightly with plenty of packing material in a very good solid box and TAPE ALL EDGES AND CORNERS.
  • No packaging peanuts please (They don’t work well and make a mess)
  • For Glockenspiel bars please use a double box.
  • Best to add a second layer of cardboard inside the walls of the box—all 6 sides.
  • For larger sets of Marimba bars that are rolled up, consider using 2 boxes.

Include inside the box -

  • A cover letter with name, school, store, orchestra, etc., shipping and BILLING info,    telephone(s), e-mail, etc. and instructions.

---And remember to insure them---


Ship to:

Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.

64 School St. Suite G

Victor, NY  14564

(315) 879 - 0885


(FEDEX or UPS is best.)

Thanks for using Fall Creek Marimbas

Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Phone: (315) 879 -0885

(for Fedex, UPS and other commercial carriers)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
64 School Street Suite G
Victor, NY 14564

MAILING ADDRESS (for US Postal Service ONLY)
Fall Creek Marimbas, Inc.
PO Box 172
Victor, NY 14564


 - Send the bars directly to Fall Creek Marimbas (shipping instructions)
We'll call or email with tuning/repair options and costs.

 - Call or E-Mail - - +1 (315) 879 - 0885
We would be glad to discuss your questions and share our recommendations with you.

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